History of Hotel Brunner Amberg

The first historical records of the area on which the Hotel Brunner Amberg stands today date from the 17th century. In the year 1999 the homeland keeper Hans Hummel provided a historical overview, on which this site is based. And this is it now: The history of the Hotel Brunner…

Once upon a time…

Anton Dollacker's historical story of the events in the Teufelsbäck

So it’s written…

Once upon a time there was a choleric white baker named Michael Wirth. His wealthy wife Regina Wirth had acquired some real estate. These included the buildings of Batteriegasse 3.

The curse with the curses

Said baker cursed gladly and much. Especially the devil had to put up with his invocation quite often. So one morning it happened that Michael Wirth was standing in his bakery and didn’t want the fire of his oven to blaze high enough.

Poem *Beim Teufelsbäck* by Anton Wurzer

A devil in the bakery

The baker cursed and did not leave the devil unmentioned. Suddenly the door to the bakery jumped open and a horned creature stood blazing in front of him. Of course this was too much even for an experienced man like Michael Wirth. Screaming, he fled to his living quarters, where his wife and daughter listened in wonder to his breathless story.

Courage of the brave

The baker’s wife Regina Wirth did not want to believe in the hustle and bustle described above. So she decided to make up her own mind.

Front of the restaurant *Zum Teufelsbäck*
The guest room of the restaurant *Zum Teufelsbäck*

Who has the harm…

A short time later the bakery was filled with a resounding laughter. Michael Wirth gathered his last bit of courage and decided to look. His wife and daughter stood in front of the oven and pointed to the dangerous creature that had so panicked the baker: a billy goat.

…doesn’t have to worry about the mockery.

The embarrassing story soon made its rounds and Michael Wirth got his nickname: “Teufelsbäck”. This name outlasted time and finally the restaurant was named after it. Until the building was demolished in February 1958 and the construction of the Hotel Brunner began, people dined in the “Zum Teufelsbäck”.

The Kempinski of Amberg

Newspaper report on the start of construction of the Hotel Brunner Amberg in February 1958

Upswing through demolition

The venerable building, at least 300 years old, had to disappear. Amberg was in an economic upswing and it was necessary to provide overnight accommodation for the numerous visitors. It was therefore an event when the architect Edwin Gräf demolished the historic inn on the Erras-Brunner-estate and began building the modern Hotel Brunner. Already in July 1958 the topping-out ceremony was celebrated.

On the way to the opening

The extraordinary achievement of the architect made it possible for the Brunner family to invite to the opening on 20 December 1958.

Newspaper article on the topping-out ceremony of the Hotel Brunner in July 1958
First advertisement for the opening of Hotel Brunner Amberg

The press is enthusiastic

The Amberger Zeitung dedicated a detailed article to the opening of Hotel Brunner in 1958. It’s title “Ein Hotel, das auch verwöhntesten Ansprüchen Rechnung trägt” is part of the gastronomic philosophy that the Brunner family and later the Schatz family continue to follow to this day.

A city full of pride

At the end of the fifties, the city was proud of the new hotel, whose room size and furnishings were based on the former Hotel Hilton in Berlin. The press even called it the “Kempinski of Amberg”, because at that time it was one of the most modern of its kind.

Newspaper report in the Amberger Zeitung about the opening of Hotel Brunner Amberg
Further article about the opening of Hotel Brunner in December 1958

Luxury & Modern

The more expensive rooms were equipped with telephone, shower, WC and private bathroom. Sound insulation and carpets were by no means standard at the time. Hotels or guest houses could rarely advertise with two receivable radio stations.

Art in the hotel

The 42 rooms with 50 beds offered guests security from the very beginning, coupled with individual service and modern comfort. One wing of the hotel stood on stilts, which made a heated large garage possible. Art already played a decisive role in the history of the hotel, as all the doors of the wardrobes were individually painted. Amberg was enriched by an extraordinary attraction.

Growth with the Schatz family

One of the first postcards of the Hotel Brunner Amberg
Another postcard with motives from Amberg and the Hotel Brunner

Bought it up!

In 1978 the hotel was acquired by the Schatz family. A fundamental renovation and various extensions were carried out in order to meet the increased demands of the guests.

The hotel’s charm and flair were preserved. The cosy carpets, the warm light from noble wall sconces and the rustic wood panelling distinguished the reception hall as well as the guest rooms.

A spiral staircase in the foyer

Since its opening, the winding staircase has been a special eye-catcher for the guests. The steps were made of Italian marble and underline the dignified ambience of the Hotel Brunner.

Postcard of the Hotel Brunner after the takeover by the Schatz family
Advertising article about Hotel Brunner Amberg

Inspiration by Hundertwasser

The guests of the hotel still appreciate the inimitable family atmosphere, the connection to Amberg and the individual service.

Managing director Ute Schatz created an environment that invited you to feel good. In 2004, she was inspired by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who wanted to give city dwellers back a piece of nature.

Our little tree tenant

To this day, the small tree tenants grow on the balconies of the hotel in order to exert a positive influence on the souls of the guests. The plants, including maple, lime and chestnut, are also cared for by Ute Schatz’ successor Konstantin Schatz.

Articles about the tree tenants, which were invented by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

50 years of Hotel Brunner

The year 2008 brought a big anniversary for the hotel: Successful 50 years the hotel spoils its guests. Reason enough for a big celebration with great entertainment offers with music band and vouchers.

But neither Ute Schatz nor her son and successor Konstantin Schatz rested on these laurels: All rooms were newly furnished and modernly equipped, and the sanitary facilities were also renovated and extended.

Art in the hotel

Since 2015, the Hotel Brunner logo has shone in blue, which is visible from afar, and also announces another exciting course for the hotel. In addition to the constant modernization, Konstantin Schatz expanded the concept of the hotel. Together with the Amberg artist Markus Trepesch he developed “Art in the Hotel”. All rooms will be individually designed by regional artists.

Another article about the 50th anniversary of the Hotel Brunner Amberg
Full-page article in the Amberger Zeitung on the 50th anniversary of Hotel Brunner
Advertisement of the Hotel Brunner Amberg


Until 2018, Hotel Brunner made a name for itself with unforgettable vernissages, family hospitality and excellent service. The majority of the rooms have already been creatively designed by Amberg artists – partly with motifs from the air-art-town of Amberg.

But all other areas of the hotel are also constantly being expanded and modernised. For example, guests can expect a completely new reception area in which many loving details are waiting to be discovered and admired. In addition, the new light-flooded reception offers insights into the history of Amberg.

The history of the Hotel Brunner in Amberg is far from over. Become part of our history and visit us!

We look forward to see you!

The front of Hotel Brunner from the year 2015


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