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The tour

To the knight’s honour

Seyfried Schweppermann lived in the fourteenth century. He came to special honors under the then Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian. Schweppermann fought with particular bravery in various battles at the side of the future emperor. Legendary is with meanwhile the winged word:

To every man an egg, to the good (pious) Schweppermann two.

This goes back to an anecdote according to which the emperor and his entourage had only one basket of eggs for food. Schweppermann died in 1337. His tomb can be found in the church of the monastery castle Kastl, which one crosses on the tour along the Schweppermannradweg.

From Neumarkt to Schwarzenfeld

The Schweppermannradweg starts in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz and ends after 80 kilometres in Schwarzenfeld. Halfway through the tour is the Schweppermannburg. But also historically interesting towns like Amberg, Kastl or Lauterhofen can be admired during the tour. The Schweppermann barracks are located in Kümmersbruck near Amberg. Until 1994 the tank brigade 12 “Oberpfalz” was stationed there, which carried the Schweppermann’s coat of arms as a unit badge.

The Schweppermann cycle path creates bridges

The beautiful tour through the Jura landscapes of Bavaria also connects the valleys of the Naab, Vils, Lauterach and Schwarzach with the Ludwig-Main-Danube Canal. If you want to follow the cycle path, look for the white sign with the green inscription “Schweppermannradweg”. On our map we have marked the point in Amberg where it crosses the city.

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