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Well hidden

In the German Schulgasse, the Amberg school church can be found almost inconspicuously. It is one of the most important rococo churches in Germany. The busy master builder Wolfgang Dientzendorfer built it between 1697 and 1699. It thus became an important part of the associated Salesian convent, which was nevertheless built by the same master builder from 1692 to 1696. Above all Amberg artists and craftsmen were responsible for the magnificent decoration of the religious building. The stucco work was done by Master Carlone, who also did the same work in the Mariahilfkirche.

Amberg school church as a rococo gem

Already in 1758 the church was extended. In the process, the furnishings were also created in the style of the Rococo. Many of the emblems and coats of arms which can be admired in the Amberg school church were created by the professor of the first rhetoric Lucas Piderer von Scheyern. This was consecrated at an important ceremony on 14 March 1799. In 1802 this monastery was also affected by the state secularisation and became the property of the “German School Foundation”. From then on, the order of the “Poor School Sisters of Our Lady” took care of the entire complex. They are also called “Gerhardinger Sisters” and belong to the Roman Catholic Church.

Today the Amberg school church and the monastery belong to the Dr.-Johanna-Decker-School in Amberg. It is also part of the parish of Sankt Martin, as is the Frauenkirche.