Can I charge my electric car at the Hotel Brunner?

Yes, it’s possible. We offer two options for charging your electric car. The type of vehicle does not matter. On average, it takes between 6 and 8 hours to fully charge. Fast charging is unfortunately not possible.

Do I have to register my electric car when booking?

You should let us know at the time of booking. Only then can we reserve a charging point for your electric car. We have a wallbox at the hotel that charges two cars at the same time.

What costs can I expect?

We offer a package price. This includes a recharge of your vehicle. In addition, the parking space is included in the price. In total, this package costs 20 Euro per day. We use an RFID card for billing. For this you deposit € 30 at the reception.

I forgot my charger cable. What next?

Forgot your charging cable? Then we’ll be happy to help out. Ask at the reception desk. The colleagues will then hand you an appropriate cable.

What else do I have to consider?

Under no circumstances should you charge your electric car at any other socket. By doing so, you risk not only the integrity of your vehicle, but also damage to the hotel’s electrical system. All costs arising from unauthorised use shall be borne by the party responsible.

Who provides this service?

The wallbox belongs to Hotel Brunner Betriebs GmbH. The box is maintained by the electrical engineering company Färber from Amberg.

Charging an electric car at the charging station
Charging an electric car thanks to the electrical engineering company Färber in Amberg