Suites – Cost

Suites in Hotel Brunner costs on weekdays (depending on how many people want to stay in it) ab € 120 per night. On weekends and holidays you pay depending on the number of persons ab € 115 per night. We offer the suite for one, two, three or four guests.

Suites – Alternatives

Alternatively, we offer the junior suite for one or two persons. This costs (depending on the number of people staying overnight) during the week ab € 105 and on weekends ab € 100.

In addition, small groups or families have the possibility to stay in a triple room. Here, ab € 136 is due during the week and ab € 131 on weekends.

Additional information

All other prices of the suites and the other rooms you can find on our overview page. When booking through our homepages (Hotel Brunner, Kunst im Hotel and Atelier Teufelsbäck) breakfast is included in the room price.