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Air night in Amberg

Every two years in September the original air night takes place in Amberg since 2010. Together with the Amberg city marketing, the founder of the air museum, Wilhelm Koch, created this event. Artists from all over the world bring air to this special night acoustically, visually and haptically.

There are no limits to the imagination. From air chocolate and seemingly floating figures to chemical and musical experiments, visitors young and old marvel at the gaseous wonder during the air night. Spectacular aerial and light installations turn the aerial art venue into a theme park for the senses on this evening.

The air night extends over the entire historical city centre of Amberg. The largest installations are often found on the multifunctional square, the market square and in the Malteser garden. In the side streets, artists set up small stands and stages where they present their exhibits. Often the shops are also open for this event. Restaurants also offer special events.

Thus Amberg is in the intoxication of the air to the air night. It is an event not only for residents but also for visitors to the city, which cannot be experienced a second time anywhere in the world.