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At the Court of the Electors

A museum, and certainly not an air museum, it was not at the time of its construction. At the beginning of the fourteenth century, the estate was built in the Gothic style as part of the electoral residential castle. It was simply referred to as the “front stone house on the Vils”. A rather inglorious name for the later “Engelsburg”, as Henning Herders called it in 1627. Before that it was known under the name “Hegner’sches Freihaus”. In the chimney room, however, there was already a small chapel at that time, which still causes admiration today.

In 1838 the order of the Poor School Sisters bought it and renamed the building simply “Klösterl”. In the years 1852/53 the city of Amberg acquired the house in order to establish the “Maximilians-Rettungsanstalt für arme verlassene oder verwahrloste Kinder” (Maximilian’s rescue home for poor abandoned or neglected children) and to run it until 1936. Afterwards the local museum found its place in the later air museum. From 1950 to 1966 the municipal public library also resided in the Klösterl. Later, the Museum of Prehistory and Early History displayed its exhibits there.

Angels in the Air Museum

When that museum moved out, the commercial artist Wilhelm Koch sensed his chance. On three floors with 650 square meters of exhibition space, he opened the Air Museum on June 3, 2006. The original concept has been delighting visitors ever since. So much so, that since 2010 the city of Amberg has officially called itself a place of aerial art and since then has held an aerial night in the old town of Amberg every two years. Even a fire in July 2011, which severely damaged the museum’s interior, could not stop its triumphant progress. Already in November the Engelsburg opened its doors again for visitors.

Since then, the museum offers unique expositions of contemporary art. On the Air Experience Trail you will be guided through the permanent exhibition, past the flying carpet, an air shower and the air fountain to the Airlift. Many of the exhibits can be activated and tried out by the visitors themselves, which is a big part of the fascination. In addition, special exhibitions are held regularly at the Air Museum.

Opening hours

The museum offers seasonal opening hours:

TUESDAY – FRIDAY 14 – 17 h 11 – 17 h
SA, SO & HOLIDAYS 14 – 18 o’clock 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Mondays and 24.12./25.12. and 31.12./1.1. the doors stay closed.

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