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The Amberg City Museum is a museum of local history

Clement Schinhammer, who lived until 1934, founded the Amberg local history museum in 1902. At that time it did not have its own exhibition space, but was housed in the town hall. An achievement considering the nearly 530 paintings and exhibits that comprised the collection. The historical collection continued to grow, so that it was decided to move into a part of the former electoral castle: the Klösterl. New opening was in November of the year 1937 and indeed every Sunday to fabulous 10 Reichspfennig admission. During the Second World War, the later Amberg City Museum remained closed and did not reopen until 1948.

The local history museum becomes the Amberg town museum

In the seventies of the 20th century, the local history museum was renamed the Stadtmuseum Amberg. In 1982 the city council decides to move the museum to the Baustadl. In the course of this, the former warehouse from the fifteenth or sixteenth century is being extensively restored.

From Prechtl to the dentist

Numerous exhibitions now enrich the Amberg City Museum. Original drawings by the Amberg-born artist Michael Mathias Prechtl and an original dentist’s office from the late nineteenth century are probably among the most outstanding exhibits. But also the collections around the Amberg beer brewing tradition and 200 years of fashion development are well worth seeing.

The exhibition areas, which cover a total of around 2300 square metres, also contain a wealth of information on the electoral regency and Upper Palatinate archaeology.

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