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Armoury – a definition

The historic armouries are today’s arsenals. In it, the army stored and repaired mainly military equipment, weapons and hunting tools. According to Wikipedia, only Switzerland uses the term “armoury” today.

The Amberg Armoury

At about the same time as the electoral palace, the first phase of the construction of the armoury began on the other side of the Vils. Under the patronage of Elector Philipp, the builders completed the east and north wings around 1502. Work on the south wing was completed in 1607. Among other things, master builder Johann Schoch added a tower in the southern wing. Already in 1743 it was no longer needed in its actual function. The stored weapons were moved to Ingolstadt. In 1778 the Amberg armoury was finally dissolved.

My little pony

The following years were marked by small changes to the buildings again and again. The conversion of the south wing into a stable yard was significant here. The horses of the cavalry of the Chevauleger regiment were housed here. Horses turned into soldiers of a machine gun company at the end of the 19th century until a major fire caused severe damage in 1945. In the 50 years from 1949, the Amberg tax office used the building complex. In the years 1990 to 1994 the urgently needed renovation and rebuilding work followed. The district of Amberg-Sulzbach uses the armoury today as an administrative building. The meetings of the district council are held in the König-Ruprecht-Saal.