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The Vile Gate… Bottomless

The Vile Gate, or at least its tower, probably dates from the fourteenth century. The first documentary mention, however, dates back to 14 November 1432. Two years later it was decided that a gatekeeper was needed. Between 1559 and 1576 Elector Friedrich III commissioned a reconstruction. This was to be done in the style of the Renaissance. The tower was followed by a weapon yard, also called barbican. This courtyard was decorated with coats of arms from the Palatinate and the town of Amberg. The rollers of the wooden drawbridge can still be admired today.

The Fatal War of the Spanish Succession

During the Spanish War of Succession in1703, large parts of the Amberg city wall were damaged. From the Vilstor to the Zeughaus, the war took its toll on many things. Also the powder tower and the mill, which stood opposite the Vilstor, were almost completely destroyed. Only a few ruins still bear witness to the devastating destruction, the 700 dead and 400 injured. Amberg was finally occupied by the Austrian imperial troops.

Vils gate without Vils

At the beginning of the 20th century, the river Vils was relocated. This flowed up to this time past the Vilstor. Only the name remained to the gate. And as if this were not punishment enough, from 1934 onwards the naval Hitler Youth found shelter in the tower. After the Second World War refugees were accommodated there.

The smallest café in Europe

Today, on the other hand, cheerfulness is taking hold in the tower. On a little less than 9 square meters, Café Europa can be found here and seats six people at the only table. However, there are still tables and chairs in front of the café, so you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the parks when the weather is nice. It is unusual for guests to be allowed to bring their own food. But there is no kitchen in the café itself because of the lack of space. But you can quench your thirst at face value. What more could you want?

Round dance of the gates

Other gates of the city fortification of Amberg are: