Handling of your data

Data protection in the Hotel Brunner is very important to us. Especially when it comes to your sensitive data, we take the utmost care. We use the following measures:

  1. We only use cookies on our homepage that are actually necessary for the operation of the site. You have the choice of which cookies you allow. You can change or delete these settings at any time.
  2. Our homepage does not collect any personal data. When you contact us through the forms, this website only sends the message but does not store it. Only the servers temporarily store the sending information anonymously (no mail addresses or content, only parts of the IP address, date and time). The sent message is received by the mail program in the hotel and remains on the computer only for the duration of the contract or service performance. For more detailed information, please see our comprehensive privacy policy and our cookies information page.
  3. When booking via our homepage, this page establishes a connection to the Dirs21 booking service provider. None of the data that you enter into the input mask there will end up in any form on the server of this homepage. All electronic data entered will be deleted after the contract has been fulfilled. Dirs21 sends us the relevant data for the booking. Our hotel program stores and manages them until the contract is fulfilled. We keep printed documents that are available in analog form for six months, as required by law. Then we destroy them.
  4. When you check in at the hotel, you will fill out a registration slip if necessary. The data requested there are prescribed in this form by the Bavarian registration law. We destroy the registration slips for the purpose of data protection in the hotel six months after the contract has been fulfilled.
  5. As of this year, we also offer an electronic version of the check-in as an alternative. Again, we use the above storage periods. The information we request is based on the Bavarian registration law.
  6. We do not send out newsletters. If you provided your email address when you checked in or made your booking, you will not receive unsolicited electronic mail from us. Any contact is only for the purpose of fulfilling the contract. Should you nevertheless receive unsolicited e-mails from Hotel Brunner Amberg, please inform us immediately.

As you can see, privacy is very important to us at the hotel. You still have concerns? Please feel free to contact us or speak to us at reception about this.