Pets allowed in the hotel

As a guest you are allowed to bring your pet to the hotel. There is an extra charge of € 12,50 per night, food is not included in this price. You are responsible for the care and safety of the animal. We cannot accept liability for pets in the hotel. It is best to let us know when you book if you are bringing your pet with you. Up to two animals fit in the single or double rooms, for more animals we recommend accommodation in suites.


Unfortunately, we cannot admit exotic animals or animals whose keeping is generally prohibited in Germany. We also ask that you only bring travel-friendly animals if possible. Animals that do not like strangers, you better not put in a hotel. Situations can arise too quickly that are difficult to control.

You are still unsure? Feel free to ask before or at the time of your booking. We will be happy to give you information and also advise you on the choice of your room.

Feeding the pets in the hotel

You are responsible for the procurement of feed. Also, when feeding them, make sure you stay as far away from the dining areas as possible. How quickly the delicious sausage platter from the buffet becomes an irresistible temptation for your pet. Therefore, we recommend that you feed your pet either in your room or even in the open air. I’m sure your animal companion will be delighted.

With the pet through Amberg

There may be different rules depending on where you live: In some places your dog has to wear a muzzle, in others it is more relaxed. If you are unsure, please ask at the reception or directly at the Touristinfo Amberg.

We will be happy to help you make your stay at the hotel pleasant for pets as well.