Hygiene concept


  1. All employees make sure that the minimum distance of 1.5 m is kept as far as possible, be it between each other or to the guest. Guests must also keep their distance from each other, unless they are from the same household.
  2. The wearing of mouth/nose protection (FFP2 from the age of 6) is compulsory in all public areas, especially in areas where guests are present.
  3. Persons who have coronal complaints or signs are not allowed to be our guests and must unfortunately leave us again. This also applies to the employees, they have to stay at home until recovery and with be able to test freely again after 7 days with a rapid antigen test.
  4. There are sufficient washing facilities with soap available, as well as the possibility of hand disinfection.
  5. Numerous notices are posted in the building to remind guests and employees of proper behavior. The hygiene concept is available for viewing at the reception desk.

2-G Rule – Recovered or Vaccinated

  1. 2-G Rule: Upon arrival at the hotel or for new guests at Atelier Teufelsbäck, the staff must ask for the vaccination or convalescent status and check it against a photo ID. The convalescent status is valid for 3 months instead of the previous 6.
  2. Employees who are not vaccinated or recovered must test themselves each workday with a supervised self-test. The hotel provides the self-tests free of charge.
  3. Individuals who are unable to be vaccinated must present a negative antigen test.
  4. Students who are tested regularly at school may eat or stay overnight with us upon presentation of their student ID.

Cleaning and ventilation

  1. After each guest at a table, we thoroughly disinfect it, as well as the backs of the chairs.
  2. We disinfect and clean the drink and food menu after each guest.
  3. The public rooms are always properly ventilated. If the weather permits, the doors also remain open all day. Otherwise, we ventilate every hour for a few minutes.
  4. The air cleaners run during the respective opening hours, unless windows can be opened.
  5. In the rooms, we disinfect the door handles, surfaces and shelves daily. In addition, we thoroughly clean and disinfect all this after each departure.
  6. At the reception, we regularly disinfect the pens, the credit card machine, the trays for check in and the counter.
  7. At shift handover, the desk (including all work equipment such as telephones, keyboards, computer mouse, etc.) must also be disinfected.
  8. In the kitchen, we clean and disinfect the utensils and work surfaces daily. We make sure that the tools, such as knives, are not exchanged with each other.
  9. The ventilation in the kitchen must run continuously during the time the kitchen is in operation.

Restaurant/Beer Garden/Breakfast

  1. The Brunner Stüberl, the Mariahilf Stüberl and the Atelier Teufelsbäck are available to our guests as breakfast rooms.
  2. When the guests are seated at the table, they may remove the mask.

Breakfast buffet

We have set up our normal breakfast buffet in the Allgäuer Stüberl. However, in order to avoid infections, we also pay attention to compliance with the hygiene concept here. We regularly disinfect the display of the coffee machine at the breakfast buffet.

  1. In the buffet room there is an entrance as well as a separate exit to avoid any contact.
  2. We make sure that there are only 3 people in the buffet room.
  3. All guests must disinfect their hands before entering the buffet area.
  4. The coffee dispenser and milk jug are disinfected or replaced each time they are refilled. Trays are disinfected on a regular basis.

Hygiene concept updated on 27.01.2022

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