The Hotel Brunner in times of Corona

Even though the so-called numbers are coming down so slowly, we want to prevent another flare-up. We developed our hygiene concept for this purpose. This will keep you and our team healthy at all times. We thereby create an environment in which you and we can feel safe.

General rules

  1. All employees ensure that the minimum distance of 1.5 m is maintained as far as possible. Regardless of whether it is to each other or to the guest. Guests in daily contact must also keep their distance, unless they are from a household.
  2. The wearing of the mouth-nose-covering(FFP2 and from the age of 15) is obligatory in all public areas. This is especially true in areas where guests are present.
  3. Persons who have coronal complaints or signs of them are not allowed to be our guests and must unfortunately leave us again. Our hygiene concept also provides for this measure for the entire team.
  4. There are plenty of washing facilities with soap available. In addition, we offer numerous options for hand disinfection.
  5. Notices are posted throughout the building reminding guests and staff of optimal behavior.

Tested / Vaccinated / Recovered (GGG)

  1. Guests may only be served with a valid test. PCR tests are valid for 48 hours, all other approved tests for 24 hours. If a guest is unable to produce a test, it is possible for them to test themselves on site under the supervision of a hotel employee. This test can also be used for other offers.
  2. Vaccinated (14 days after the second vaccination) and recovered (certificate not older than 6 months) are to be treated the same as guests with a valid test.
  3. Our hygiene concept provides for employees to be tested at least once a week. Corresponding tests are provided by the hotel free of charge.


  1. After each guest at a table, our team thoroughly disinfects it, including the backs of the chairs.
  2. We wipe down and sanitize the drink and food menu after each guest.
  3. Our hygiene concept provides that the public rooms are always properly ventilated. If the weather permits, the doors remain open during the day, otherwise they are ventilated for a few minutes every hour.
  4. Daily disinfection of door handles, surfaces and shelves in the rooms is ensured by our team. After each departure we disinfect and clean thoroughly.
  5. At the reception we regularly disinfect the pens, the credit card machine, the trays for check in and the counter.
  6. At shift handover, the desk (including all work equipment such as telephones, keyboards, computer mouse, etc.) must also be disinfected.
  7. We clean and disinfect all utensils and work surfaces in the kitchen daily. Our team takes care not to exchange tools, such as knives, with each other.
  8. At breakfast, any utensils must be replaced and rinsed regularly.
  9. The ventilation in the kitchen shall be in continuous operation during the time it is in use.

Room occupancy

  1. Multi-bed rooms may only be occupied by persons for whom the general contact restriction (shared household or similar) does not apply according to the current legal situation.

Restaurant / Breakfast / Beer garden

  1. We use the Luca app to record contact addresses. There are QR codes on all tables that can be scanned with the Luca app. Guests have to download the app on their mobile phones. We keep a guest list with contact details in case of emergency (for example, if no mobile phone is available). Thus, in case of illness, the public health department can trace possible contact persons. We keep the list in such a way that data protection is maintained as far as possible.
  2. At breakfast we set the available tables for only 2 people. If related groups (e.g. from a household or GGG) are, we cover individually.
  3. The Brunner Stüberl, the Mariahilf Stüberl and the Atelier Teufelsbäck are available to our guests as breakfast rooms.
  4. When the guests are seated at the table, they may remove the mask.

Breakfast buffet

We have set up our normal breakfast buffet in the Allgäuer Stüberl. To ensure that infections do not stand a chance, we also ensure compliance with hygiene regulations here. Coffee, tea and juices are available in the Brunner Stüberl.

  1. In the buffet room there is an entrance as well as a separate exit to avoid any contact.
  2. We make sure that there are only 3 people in the buffet room.
  3. All guests must disinfect their hands before entering the buffet area.
  4. We change and rinse the serving cutlery every 30 minutes. With the appropriate frequency, this also happens more often.
  5. The coffee dispenser and the milk jugs are disinfected and replaced each time they are refilled. Our hygiene concept provides for regular disinfection of menages.

Our hygiene concept – summary

For our hygiene concept to work, guests and employees should work together. Only in this way is a carefree and lasting coexistence possible. We want you to always feel comfortable despite all the rules. We are happy to answer any questions if individual measures seem unclear to you. Please do not hesitate to contact our team, which will be happy to assist you.

And above all, please stay healthy!