Hotel Brunner in Amberg won second prize in the StimulART competition on Tuesday (Jan. 11, 2022). Our permanent campaign“Art in the Hotel” was awarded a prize. Our art rooms, which were designed by regional artists, impressed the independent jury. The first prize was won by “KSC x Creative” from KILIAN SCHOEN CHOCOLATES. Among others, Amberg’s mayor Michael Cerny took over the award ceremony.

The participants

The motto of the competition was “Economy Creative”. The aim was to link industry and business with art in a meaningful way. Participated various cities from four countries, including Germany, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia.

The first prize was won by Killian Schön with his chocolate boutiques. His initiative KSCxCreative creates a symbiosis with motifs from the world of chocolates and modern art. The fascinating art prints show the chocolaty treats from a completely new and special side.

Second place went to the Hotel Brunner in Amberg with Art in the Hotel. For many years, regional artists lovingly, individually and uniquely design our hotel rooms.

Third place went to Tom Scheiner with his Tiny Houses. The stated goal of the project is to combine living space with nature in a meaningful way.

StimulART Prize for Art at Hotel Brunner

The award ceremony was then held on January 11, 2022. Due to the current Corona situation, the event had to be held online. Nevertheless, we felt very honored to receive this award. All participants also agreed that they would make up for the festive setting on another occasion.

Already in 2020 Marion Mack won this award, who already designed various rooms in the Hotel Brunner.

The future

The StimulART award for art in the hotel is again an incentive for us for further exciting projects. Currently, two more art rooms are planned to be designed in the near future. In addition, we will probably hold another vernissage in March. Thus, in 2022, there is once again plenty of room for new and inspiring art.

Our partners